Witchtastic – Presskit


Witchtastic is a challenging 1-4 player coop game about brewing and delivering magic potions as fast as possible. Take on the role of an aspiring witch and experience charming adventures with your friends. To make potions, you gather ingredients such as nightshade, garlic or mushrooms and fill the boiling cauldron. Quick communication and coordination are key. Master the recipes and ride your broom to overcome obstacles. If you are ever in need of assistance, your trusted companion Owly is always eager to give you and your mates useful advice. But be wary of the dangers on your journey: Haunted trees, hungry wolves, impassable swamps and many more are waiting for you.


1-4 Player Couch- & Online-Coop!
Brewing magical potions can be difficult. Team up with your friends and work as a duo, trio or squad of swift witches.

Master the art of brewing!
Become a better witch by learning and mastering all kinds of potions.

Explore the world of Witchtastic!
Travel through villages, forests and swamps. Experience a mysterious journey filled with challenges and dangers along the way.

Discover a huge variety of ingredients!
Nightshade, garlic, mushrooms and many more exciting ingredients are waiting for you.

Ride your broom!
Deadly swamps? Inconvenient fences? No problem! Hop onto your broom and fly across!